Monday, August 31, 2015

Welcome to a busy September for the Music Ministry

Hi St. Francis,
So, we have just about reached September.  I don't know about you but I NEVER want summer to end.  I love the warm weather and all that summer has to offer.  But, I also love the fall as it brings so many new beginnings.  Young people going back to school and September is sort of an unofficial beginning to the church year.  The choirs come back.  New parishioners arrive and begin their roles as active participants in Liturgy and Ministry.  We have a lot going on here at SFDS.  We are beginning our campaign to grow our Ministry by adding people who love music and want to praise the Lord with us.  Often, the decision to immerse yourself in another "obligation" is one that some people tend to shy away from.  I get it.  Life is really busy.  Think about this though.  My grandfather always said to me that the most difficult thing to do when you are busy is think about what you should really be busy with.  So often we forget what is really important and spend our time being busy and receiving little or nothing for ourselves.  Obligations are what they are...or are they?  Maybe as we pray this week we can ask for God's wisdom to discern what is truly important in our lives and where our service to God and community falls in our list of priorities.  Easier said than done for sure but, still an important conversation to have with God, our families and may I dare say, our Pastor.  As they say, the only person who controls your happiness...or your priorities is the person you see when you look in the mirror.  Consider making your faith community a priority in your life.  Whether it is with us in the Music Ministry or any of the many other ways St. Francis DeSales offers you to connect with your God and community, make it a new beginning for yourself as well.

Music for September 5th and 6th:

Processional (Not the one you are used to!!!) - Rain Down -

Offertory - I'll Fly Away - 

Communion - As The Deer Longs -

Recessional - We Are The Light -

Monday, August 17, 2015

August is the beginning and the end - Music for August 22-23

Hi St. Francis.
What an inspiring week it was at St. Francis.  If you missed it, just remember to bring your phone to church next week.  We are beginning a new campaign to evangelize through social media.  There are two main parts to this mission.
1.  Bring you phone to church and "Check In" at St. Francis.  Let your 'Friends" and "Followers" know that you have made the choice to share your time with your church community.  To give witness that our faith and our faith community is worth your time and is a huge part of how we can encourage others to come.

2.  As you listen to the Scripture, the Homily or even maybe a line from one of the songs, remember and send your favorite and most inspiring quote from Mass to your social media circle.

So whether you are a poster or a tweeter or both, the message of peace, welcome and challenge that exemplifies the mission of St. Francis and our church can be shared with those who may be looking for a little meaning in their life.  Our time in church and with our community is not all about us and our needs.  The Spirit always offers us the inspiration and the invitation to bring a little love and meaning to others.  Welcome to OUR faith community.  Doors open, eyes fixed on the society we live in today and minds and hearts ready to be inspired and then inspire others.


Music for August 22-23:

Processional - Standing On The Promises -

Psalm - Taste and See

Offertory - Shout To The Lord - 

Communion - Is Your All On The Altar -

Recessional - Go Make A Difference -

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Music for August 15th and 16th

Hello St. Francis.
This week I would like for all of us to take a moment or two to recognize how blessed we all are to be a part of our parish.  There is something special happening here and if you ask me, the way we can make it even better is by choosing a way to actively share our church with others.  As we have heard, there are many folks who have recently lost their parish.  Maybe they are looking for a new place to call home.  Maybe they are thirsting for a place where they will be welcomed, accepted and cherished.  Our mission is to live our faith and to live the joy and good news of the Gospel.  In our prayer, but even more importantly in our purposeful actions, let us seek those who need a new church home and walk with them through our doors and let them experience with us who we are.  I think that this place will bring much comfort and welcome to people.  That is our mission, that is our faith.  While you pray, listen to these hymns of praise and worship.  Allow them to inspire you and then inspire others by inviting them to your home...St. Francis.
God Loves Us and We Will Never Walk Without Him.  He Has Already Won!!!

Gathering - Our God Is Here -

Offertory - No Not One -

Communion - In This Place -

Recessional - He's Sweet I Know -  

Monday, August 3, 2015

We Are Going To Jam With Some New and Old Praise Music This Week - August 8-9

Hello St. Francis,

This week we will sing some music that you know and learn some new ones that will have you clappin' and praisin' and jammin'!!!

Take a listen and learn.  Join the Praise Parade!!!

Can't wait to worship with you this weekend.


Processional - Come To The Lord -

Psalm - Taste and See - Angrisano -

Offertory - O Happy Day - 

Communion - Now Is The Time/People Get Ready -

Recessional - Something on the Inside -