Monday, September 21, 2015

Guess Who's In Town This Week? - Music for September 26-27

Hello St. Francis,

So, if you haven't heard we have a very special guest visiting us this week!!!  The whole country and especially all of us who live locally have been making preparations for the big arrival and we will be waiting to hopefully be able to greet him or just see him as he passes by.  I think that the biggest and most meaningful thing we can do this week is inject that attitude of welcome, joy, inclusiveness and excitement into the way we welcome each other to our parish community each weekend.  I think that if we all could bottle the feelings we have right now for Pope Francis and then do as he asks us to do by treating all of our neighbors with the same respect and fellowship, than we would be living out the call that our Pope, oh yeah, and God has made to us.
I hope that His words inspire us all to live that way.  I know that those words will be filled with the key to unlock the grace that is inside of us all.  But, then will we choose to live it out?  I guess we need to start somewhere.  Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.  May this time of joy and excitement as our Spiritual Father journeys through our neighborhood kindle that faith and give us what we need to live it a little better.  Safe Travels!!!!

Music for September 26-27

Processional - All Are Welcome -

Offertory - I have Been Annointed -

Communion - Precious Lord - 

Recessional - I'll Be Somewhere-

Friday, September 18, 2015

Welcome Back Choir and Wait Till You See What We Have In Store - Music for September 26-27

Hi St. Francis.
So we are really excited to be starting a new season with our choir.  We have a few new members and are always looking for even more to be a part of the fun!!!  It is so important to any parish to have a community that sings!!!  The energy, the praise and hopefully the inspiration is why people come to church.  We all want to smile, pray and be energized by our Liturgy.  It only happens if we allow ourselves to be a part of the community by praising Jesus through our word and through our song.  Whether you are a part of the choir or not, sing out and clap your hands.  Pray and praise.  That is what takes ordinary and makes it extraordinary.  Who celebrated the Liturgy?  Not the priest, not the choir, but ALL OF US!!!

See you at church.

Music for September 26-27

Processional - Come By Here My Lord -

Offertory - Come Lord Jesus -

Communion - He Looked Beyond My Faults -

Recessional - Jesus on the Mainline -

Monday, September 7, 2015

An amazing message...and something to pray about. - Music for September 12-13

Dear St. Francis,
This Sunday something very profound and humbling happened at St. Francis DeSales.  Fr. John, a missionary priest from Africa spoke to us about the difficulty of life in his country, the poverty they live with, the lack of basic things like medicine, food, schools and churches.  He spoke about how he left that place to come here to a country he does not know without knowing the language of this country and journeying only due to the support of others.  I'm not sure if we really pay attention to the Missionary Priests and Religious who visit us from time to time.  You know when you are telling a great story how you are visualizing it as you speak the words and it takes on a deeper reality, while others may not remain engaged because they had head similar stories before.  I've been there.  Here is what amazed me.  At the end of his appeal he promised us that these people who have nothing and struggle for everything were actively praying for us.  I asked Fr. John about that.  He said we (yes St. Francis DeSales in NYC on the Upper East Side) are being mentioned by name in his local parish.  They are praying for our health, our spirituality, our growing in love with God more deeply.  They are praying for us.  Pretty powerful!!!  Sometimes I wonder who is really poor.

Here is your music for Sept. 12-13 - Sing away St. Francis.

Opening - Leaning on the Everlasting Arm - 

Psalm -

Offertory - 
I've Got A Feeling - 

Communion - In Christ Alone -

Recessional - Go Out And Tell -