Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I Wanna Be A "YES" Man

Hello St. Francis,

This week I want to disclose to you a profound secret!!!  One of my favorite words in the English language is "YES".  Whenever I ask for something from God, from my family, colleagues or friends and they respond with YES, I am a pretty happy guy.  Obviously, their yes requires me to be grateful, and I try to be, but, nonetheless, I with in joyful expectation for that person to come through with whatever their YES is.  Sometimes, I simply ask a question hoping to hear my favorite word.  I may ask if we are having Ravioli's for dinner, or ask my kids if they finished their homework, or my friend if they are still planning on coming over.  When the answer to those questions is YES!!!  Bang!!! I'm a happy guy.

The only problem with YES is that it sometimes comes with an unwritten disclaimer.  Sometimes, a YES actually is based on a successive set of circumstances that must go in a particular way.  Sometimes, a YES means that someone will do only what is expected by the letter of the law and not necessarily the spirit.  And, unfortunately, sometimes a YES is the easiest word to change your mind about and officially becomes a NO.  I'm not a big fan of NO...most of the time anyway.

As I often preach to whoever says YES to listening to me, there is much wisdom in Jesus.  In fact, there is not much that Jesus said or did that if you integrate it into your life is not a good thing.  this week Jesus takes the word right out of our mouths.  He says, 'Let your Yes be your Yes and your No be your No".  Amen Brother!!!  Now, to be clear, as He often does, I think there are many layers to that statement.  It can be interpreted in so many ways...just like the word YES!!!  So, what is He trying to say?

Sometimes I think we can all get caught up in the logistics of our YES.  The letter of the law of our YES, the semantics of our YES.  Maybe, we place conditions on our YES and maybe, we can sometimes just say YES to get people to stop asking.  Yet, Jesus calls us to "mean what we say"?  And, not just mean it but understand that our YES may require more than we originally anticipated.  And if it does, our YES is not null and void.  I think He is trying to say that if we are strong and remain faithful to even the smallest of the commitments we pledge to uphold, than, we can be stronger in our commitment to the larger YES.  As a result we may even be more wise in what it is we say YES to.

As I said, I love the word YES and the meaning behind it.  My hope is that in maintaining the integrity of the word, the commitment necessary to fulfill the word and the wisdom to know when to use the word, we will all be fulfilling Jesus' mandate to be men and women of our word.  I think we can say YES to that.


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