Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Is this elevator going up? Music for May 28th

Hello St. Francis.
This week the Music Ministry is armed with two themes as we celebrate the 7th Week of Easter and also the Ascension of Jesus.  As you know, the disciples were a group that was filled with a great deal of fear.  They were fearful when Jesus left them on Good Friday.  They did not know where to turn for the answers and felt alone.  They were also fearful after the Ascension.  Once again, they hid from the world and could not discern the next step in their lives and ministry.  Fortunately for us, we know that soon the Holy Spirit will descend upon them and start a fire that his illuminated our faith for 2,000 years.  After the Pentecost, they went out to all nations preaching Jesus' message of love, forgiveness and peace.

I can't imagine those days between when Jesus ascended and the Pentecost.  I guess we all know the feeling of looking at a task that we know will be tremendously long and difficult.  A task that requires our attention, our time and our talents.  I think we can all relate to the feeling of not knowing where to start or in some cases, having no idea where the task will lead.  I think that is how the Apostles must have felt.  Kind of lost and kind of overwhelmed.  So, if I may offer a suggestion, in our times of fear and when we feel like we may not be ready or good enough to complete the mission laid before us, it is then that we should lean guessed it, FAITH.  Our faith can jolt us to a place of confidence.  A confidence that comes from God.  A knowledge that through our surrender to God's will, the path and the steps of that path will be laid in front of us by God, and, we know we will not walk alone.  This, my friends, is what JOY means.

This week, we praise the Lord with an energy and a spirit that can only be fueled by God's grace.  Although from time to time we may also be fearful of our call to evangelize the world, we know that with God nothing is impossible and we know that within our parish community, we will find the support and encouragement to complete the tasks laid before us .  Let us all sing of Jesus' wonderful name as we praise and exalt our Father and thank Him for the light and the fire he has created within us.
On this special weekend, I encourage you to SING WITH YOUR HEART as well as your VOICE. CLAP YOUR HANDS and come to full participation in the prayer we pray.
I can't wait to pray and praise with you this weekend.

Here are the links to your recordings.  As usual, we will certainly add our own stamp to each of these songs.  

Processional - He Is Exalted 

Communion - In This Place

Communion Meditation - Go Light Your World

Recessional - Every Praise

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