Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The fire of Pentecost can get you "in the spirit"...Music for Pentecost

Hey St. Francis,

One of the best things that can happen at any church is when a person or a congregation is moved, inspired, challenged and strengthened.  Very often we hear Jesus speak to us through Scripture and our hearts burn.  Sometimes, we really are engaged in the prayers over the bread and wine and realize the great miracle of love that happens in front of our eyes.  Sometimes, our minds and our hearts are fed by the incredible words of a homily, one that seems to speak specifically to us and sometimes, a beautiful song of praise or prayerful musical meditation really touches us and brings us to a place we call "In The Spirit".  As a Music Minister, those are the times when I thank God for blessing me with with the opportunity He has. 

Let me suggest another way to get "In The Spirit".  We are all called to be ministers to our brothers and sisters.  That means, that every individual's role at the Liturgy is essential to the "Spirit" of the Liturgy.  There are so many ways to connect even more deeply to your parish family through ministering to them.  How?  Well, have you considered proclaiming scripture?  Have you thought about becoming a Eucharistic Minister or joining the choir or serving as a Minister of Hospitality.  Those are tangible ways to become the minister we are all called to be.  We hear about these things all of the time and they are all very important but, at the same time, they are not the only ways we can be a minister.  How about this...what if when you entered the church this week, you found a person or a family you don't know and sit next to them, shake their hand, introduce yourself and then...PRAY with them.  I don't know about you, but, that sounds like a ministry to me.

I want to share something with you.  I think I speak for all Music Ministers when I say that our ministry is our best prayer.  We have decided to sacrifice our time and share our talent to make music.  That music can be upbeat praise and worship music and it can be meditative and prayerful.  If you love your Music Ministers (and I hope you do) and you wish to show your gratitude for the inspiration they add to Liturgy, here is how you do it.

1.  SING!!! - Take a deep breath and let it fly.  When you sing with us, you connect to us, you pray with us.  That is our ministry!!!  We are a ministry focused on prayer and supporting the Liturgy.

2.  MEDITATE!!! - When the beautiful melody or inspiring words of a song moves you, that is God's gift to you through us.  It again is a part of our ministry to try to provide you with moments to reflect and find peace.

Now, at SFDS as you all know, we rock it out to Songs of Praise and Gospel tunes that encourage you to tap your feet and clap your hands.  When we are groovin', groove with us.  Sing, clap, be "In The Spirit".  We smile and we move because we are praising God!!!  What we are NOT doing is performing for you.  We are leaders of song not concert performers.  Don't get me wrong we want to be good...really good...but not to receive a standing ovation, but, to share our ministry.  We are so blest at SFDS to have a congregation who is incredibly appreciative and supportive of the music.  We can't thank you enough for that.  But, speaking for All Music Ministers, we will feel your love best when you praise God with us!!!  So, get "In The Spirit" and be a minister, thank those who have answered the call to ministry, invite others to our worship and then "Let The Spirit Move You".


Music for Pentecost
Processional - Let It Rise

Meditation - Holy Spirit

Recessional - I've Got A Feeling

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