Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Image of the Trinity...Music for Trinity Sunday

Hello St. Francis,

So...the Trinity, actually in the course that I teach, we discuss the image of God in the Trinity at great length.  So, trying not to bore you, here are my thoughts on the Trinity as the profound image of God.

Although the images of Father, Son and Spirit are rooted in Scripture, liturgy and tradition, they are not necessarily the only images of the trinity that can be expressed. The three keep circling round. Always there is reflected a vibrant life in God; a beyond, a with and a within to the world and its
history; a sense of God as from whom, by whom and in whom all things exist, thrive, struggle toward freedom and are gathered in.

The biblical doctrine of the Trinity, bound to the experience of salvation in Jesus and freed from literal interpretations, has the power to call forth loving relationship in our community and in the world. It does so positively, by inspiring efforts to create a community of sisters and brothers interwoven with the whole web of earth's life according to the ideal community that the Trinity models. 
It does so negatively, by prophetically challenging social and ecological injustices that distort such a
community. And it does so by the power of grace, the trinitarian mystery of God actually empowering relationships of mutuality, equality and inclusiveness among persons and between human beings and the earth.

The goal of all creation is to participate in the trinitarian mystery of love. The Church is called to be a sacrament making this love that binds Father, Son and Spirit visible and effective in the world. Wherever the human heart is healed, justice is done, peace holds sway, liberation breaks through, the earth flourishes—wherever there is great sin, that is where this love is embracing those in grace.           
It is in the mercy, love, forgiveness and peace that we share with our very best intentions throughout our human and earth community that we realize and reflect even if only in fragments, the image of God made clear in the Trinity.
Music for Trinity Sunday
Processional - Revive Us Again
Psalm - Daniel 3
Recessional - Yes! God Is Real

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